Happy Birthday to me!

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Well, tomorrow anyway. I’ll be turning 32 tomorrow. On one hand, things are going pretty well. I just got a new couch for our living room, a microfiber/leather sectional with chaise. It’s exactly what I wanted. I will probably go get paint tomorrow; I want to redecorate the entire room.

My brand new 32″ LCD was delivered this morning and things are all set for all of my friends to get together this weekend and celebrate my birthday.

On the other hand though, some stuff isn’t going so well. Calls were AWESOME all month and then the past couple of days have been pretty rough. I haven’t been dating, but I’ve been TRYING and that’s not going very well either. I think I’ll just count my blessings and try to stay optimistic. Sound like a plan?

Btw, I made out with a girl a couple of weeks ago. Call me and I’ll tell you about it!


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