New humilation task for cum eaters!

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I just posted a new humiliation task on Niteflirt. Only $10 for an entire week’s worth of cum guzzling fun!

I know you’re curious…buy it.


Pieces of me…

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I have a few good callers on this account, but I’m writing this entry just as much for those of you who might be new to me. I know that so far this blog has been sorely lacking in content. Things keep happening to me and I find myself thinking, “Oh, I should blog about that,” but then time goes by and somehow it just doesn’t get done.

I’ve finally figured out my main problem when it comes to this account in general though. Now, before I go into this, please don’t get me wrong…I’m not complaining. Actually, if anything, I’ve gotten more calls that I have thoroughly enjoyed in the past few months as my “real” self than all my other accounts combined. It is, however, a bit trickier than I first imagined to separate myself out as my “real” self and at the same time be appealing to customers.

I know I’m not beautiful, that’s simply a fact. I don’t think I’m ugly either. Like most people, I fall somewhere in that “average” range and how attractive I am or am not is more a matter of personal opinion. I don’t think that’s what’s hurting my call volume here though. I see people on the web and on Niteflirt specifically that I’m pretty sure are more unattractive than I am and they seem to be attracting a lot of callers.

Playing myself gives me a freedom to be more matter of fact, more straight forward and less fantasy oriented than I have on other accounts. I hope to appeal to callers who WANT that…who know that when they call a phone sex operator and they say that they want him so bad, they’re lying. I hope to appeal to callers who want to take a chance that they might actually be able to REALLY make me want them. That’s an entirely new level of phone sex.

Here is what my main problem is though. All of my characters and accounts are pieces of myself. I’m sweet, slutty, funny, dominating, submissive, aggressive, promiscuous and creative. Like all complicated and interesting people, I have a lot of different sides and I automatically funnel those characteristics to my other characters. When something happens or creativity strikes (for recordings, stories, humiliation assignments, etc.), I reflexively assign whatever it is that I’m working on to another character.

Even if I do consider for a moment putting it here, a few things stop me. 1.) The video/recording/story I worked so hard on about my ability to squirt didn’t sell at all 2.) I know that if I send things out on established accounts, I WILL sell some because I have an established clientele.

So I guess I’m stuck in a never ending cycle, huh? I’ll just have to take a leap and either start selling things/writing about things in more than once place or just risk not selling as much because there are certain things I just really want here.

How complicated is this shit? I guess you probably never imagined it would be so complicated! Neither did I.

That said, here’s a little update on what’s been going in on my life. I last posted right before my birthday so I will just quickly say that my birthday was awesome. I went out on the town with my friends and even though I was sick as hell, I had a blast. We went out to a nice dinner downtown and then to a comedy show.

The headliner was a guy who’d been on Last Comic Standing and I really liked. In person, he was even funnier and insanely hot. Really. I was sitting right in the front row and I had more than one fantasy wander through my head during the show about ravaging his body.

The weather has been typically spring-like and I planted a garden a couple of weeks ago, thinking it MIGHT be safe. Then of course it froze a couple of nights and I lost a few plants. Oh well. I took a chance. I need to replant bell peppers, zucchini and beans. Everything else seems to be doing ok and I should see plants starting to come up that I planted from seeds in a few weeks. I’m doing a bigger garden this year than I have before. Hopefully I can keep up with it.

For the past couple of years, I’ve been thinking that I was going to move. Because of that, I haven’t invested too much time or energy into the upkeep of my property. Not that it was wild or horrible or anything and we definitely mowed the lawn and stuff, but the rose beds and other landscaped areas have been neglected. I spent around 5 hours over the past few days clearing out an area around our walnut tree. I never knew landscaping was such good exercise!

I’ve also been redecorating my living room. Thanks for a few devoted slaves on my brat domme account who shower me with gift cards, I’ve purchased a bunch of new stuff from Amazon. The couch was used off of Craig’s List, but sold by an Army guy who’d just bought it and needed to sell because he got deployed. It was exactly what I wanted, a microfiber/leather sectional with recliners.

From Amazon, I got a 42″ lcd tv with stand and audio cabinet, new DVD player and surround sound system. I also got a new area rug. I spent a little more on it than I wanted to ($500), but it was exactly what I wanted.

I wish Amazon had a better selection of lamps, but you can’t have everything. I got a Lowe’s gift card from a caller and another one from a friend for my birthday so I’ll be using those to buy the paint. I also found the curtains there. I think we might actually go get paint today and then do the painting tomorrow. Once that’s done and the curtains are hung, only a few details will be left and we’ll be completely done.

I’m really excited about it, actually. When I bought this house six years ago, my parents had just downsized and needed a place to put their furniture. Since I only had one set of living room furniture, I went ahead and used theirs. Now six years later, I’m finally ready to MAKE them take their stuff back and start using my own. I had put my set in my bedroom and I’ll be leaving it there, but I wanted my own furniture in my family room. Not unreasonable, I think.

I’ll be redoing the office/play room next. It’s a much smaller room, but hopefully when I’m done, it will be an awesome multi purpose room where the kids can do homework, my sister can run her real estate business and our littlest one (my nephew) can play.

The kitchen will just have to wait since that will cost so much. None of the bedrooms need to be redone at least.

So now that I’ve bored you to death, I’ll leave you with one funny little story.

A couple of weeks ago, I went out to dinner with my sister. It was just the two of us. We’d smoked a bowl and headed out to our favorite place, a Japanese steak house about 20 minutes from our house. We got seated with a couple who looked to be in their mid 40’s and 4 other people. It appeared to be an older couple and their two grand daughters, but we figured out later that one of the younger women was eating alone.

The couple was over the top affectionate. It was obvious that it was not their first date, but the romance was still very fresh. It was also obvious that they’d already fucked. They couldn’t keep their hands off of each other.

The chick was annoying. No other way to say it. I went to the bathroom and came back and she goes, “Ooh, we missed you so much while you were gone! There was such a void at the table.” Uh, what?

She kept talking about how she’d lived in Asia too. I heard her tell her date, “In Japan, they sell everything in vending machines. You can get a STEAK in a vending machine.” Then she lowered her voice just a TINY bit (but not enough to keep me from hearing it, obviously) and said, “They have vending machines that sell nothing but used condoms…for those of us who have fetishes.”

UGH. Seriously? Sperm drinking as a topic of conversation when we’re about to eat? Give me a break.

But here’s the funny thing. For birthdays, they bring out this big drum and let the birthday boy/girl bang on it while they sing some Japanese birthday song. Someone at the table next to us had a birthday, so they bring out the drum and walk by our table.

The older black couple that was sitting with us was clapping along. The annoying woman looks at the older man and says, “Doesn’t that make you want to go on safari?”

I almost CHOKED. The dude sounded like he was from Georgia or something, not even REMOTELY African. Not to mention the fact that the drums were Japanese, not African. The fact that she said it was so insane, I couldn’t even believe I heard it.

The other woman sitting with the couple looked at me with her eyes almost bugging out of her head. I turned to my sister and asked if she’d heard it. What was even funnier about it was that the chick really didn’t even realize how ludicrously racist and insane what she’d just said was.

I was so entertained by that comment that I mentally forgave her for running her hand all over his crotch for the rest of dinner.

So…mission accomplished. I posted a blog entry for this account. Tomorrow I’ll spend some time trying to make my listings more appealing. I want more CALLS.

Got it? 🙂.