What did I want to be when I grew up? A writer. Ever since I was eight years old and I pedaled the seemingly endless miles to the library to borrow any book I could get my little hands and developing mind to grasp, I’ve wanted to be a writer. Even when I didn’t enjoy the story, I still respected the book and author. Did I ever feel the passion I had hoped to feel burning in my veins for writing? Sadly, no.

I’ve spent years writing erotic fiction that is at best, mediocre. It gets the job done but won’t be winning any prizes. I’ve written quite a few amusing blog posts, entertaining my friends and callers through the years with funny stories of things that have happened to me.

Have I ever really considered myself to be a “writer” though? No.

I did, however, become a story teller.

I stumbled into this profession in the same way that many women do, I imagine. In the late 90’s, I was one of the thousands of Americans who spent most of their time exploring the internet. I used it for entertainment, social interaction and as an escape from my daily life. I admit that it became an addiction for a couple of years. Looking back on it all now, I just laugh.

It was with a man I met on the internet that I had phone sex for the first time. I was around 18 yrs. old and it was exciting to talk to this guy who I’d never seen before, who lived thousands of miles from me. His interest in me was intoxicating and after a few hours of talk over the course of a week, he asked me to masturbate for him. I don’t remember the specifics, but he did all the talking while I pretty silently played with myself.

After that, it became quite a habit of mine. For a few years, I met a lot of people online. I had a lot of phone sex and even real sex with people I chatted with. I had a few relationships, even a couple of serious ones. It was actually the demise of one of them that led me to my current profession.

I was 21 and I’d been living with my boyfriend for over a year. When we broke up, I decided to start fresh. New city, new friends, new life. I signed a lease on an apartment in the city that I couldn’t afford with the help of a friend and started looking for ways to make more money in the evening after I got home from my day job. After a little bit of research, I settled on phone sex pretty easily. It was either that or become a psychic and I didn’t think I could pull that off.

The rest is history. Well, there’s a lot more to it than that, but I’ll let you ask me if you want more details.

I started this site in 2008. I’ve used my real pictures on and off through the years (more off than on), but for the most part, I’ve gone the traditional route and used content. I pretend to be someone else most of my day. Who? Oh, lots of people. I’m the voice behind a number of Niteflirt’s most highly rated flirt accounts. I’m the adorable girl next door, the bratty teen domme, the hot young slut with big tits, the kinky cuckolding MILF, the fetish Goddess.

I’ve done over 50,000 calls in my career and I’ve pretty much heard it all. This site though, this project…this time around, I’m doing it MY way. The title of the site references the famous line from “The Wizard of Oz”…”Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”

I’ve been the woman behind the curtain all these years. I’m the creative force and mastermind behind so many personas, it makes my head spin sometimes. I’m coming out though, out from behind the shroud of mystery and secrecy that a lot of us who do this job hide behind. I’m coming out from Behind the Silk Curtain.

Explore the site. Read what I have to say. Send me a message. Give me a call.

Want to know a bit more first? Here’s a little…

Age: 37. My birthday is in April.

Location: Washington State. For the sake of privacy and ease, I’ll claim Seattle.

Status: In a relationship.

Tattoos: I have 7. Apple blossoms/monarch butterfly on upper back, seahorse on lower back, fleur de lis on my shoulder, Auryn from The Neverending Story on my chest, a wrist band of multi colored stars and two secret ones!

Piercings: Six body (septum, lip, three in my tongue, clitoral hood), 11 ears.

Other random stuff about me:
I like to dress cute, etc. Not usually high heels, but I’m not a sweats girl either.
I’m very loyal. I’ve had the same best friend for 16 years.
I’m funny as hell. Really. Conversationally funny, not stand up funny.
I have an infectious laugh.
I like to travel and actually do it.
I LOVE to cook. Bake too.
I love to make out..