New models, car broken, 98 degrees outside!

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The photo shoot I mentioned a few entries before went off without a hitch. I’m plugging forward on developing that character now and the design will start sometime within the next few days. YAY!

I have a couple of characters that I really just need to retire. I don’t enjoy playing them, they never developed a loyal following and they just don’t generate any income anymore. That’s fine…out with the old, in with the new!

It’s been really hot here for a few days and we spent the whole day at the lake yesterday. It was great, we brought the little “easy up” tent, lawn chairs, a cooler…the whole 9 yards. The kids got to swim and I got to just relax.

When we were blowing up some floats using the electric pump, my van died (yes, I drive a mini van and no, you cannot laugh) and wouldn’t start again. My dad came out and gave us a jump and I took it into a shop today to get looked at. I need a new alternator. LAME!

I guess I can’t complain too much though. I bought it brand new and have had it going on 4 yrs. I think. It’s had to have some stuff done that the I didn’t have to pay for, but other than that, has been a pretty damn good vehicle. If my dad does the labor, it will cost me less than $250 to get it fixed. If I take it back to that shop, I’m looking at around $600.

Life’s been going pretty well, otherwise. I hadn’t talked to my ex boyfriend since our last encounter where he came to my house for a party and left because he didn’t feel welcome by some of my other friends. We had a pretty huge fight that day and hadn’t talked at all since.

He started texting me about a week ago and while I ignored him at first, I just couldn’t help myself. Even though he’s now living with a girl (yeah, I was pretty fucking astounded at that little tidbit of info), we met up at a hotel on Friday night and spent the night together. Of course, it was amazing and we’ve been talking casually ever since.

There are no plans for us to get back together, but I’m leaning toward cutting off contact again because I don’t want to risk going back down that road. I can feel it coming already.

Even with the hot weather, calls have been good this month overall and I’ve gotten spoiled pretty well. I got a sizeable Victoria’s Secret gift card the other day and have managed to replenish my Amazon account to a comfortable amount. I like having some on reserve for gifts and random things I might decide I need.

My kitchen remodel is still taking longer than I wish it would. The counters are tiled now, but need to be grouted and sealed. We still need to put cabinet doors back up too. It’s times like this when I realize how much I really DO need to enter into a cuckold relationship. A cuck would have had those doors back up weeks ago!

Alright, I think that’s enough of an update for now. Calls are slow today for some reason, but I’ll be here on and off all day. It’s too hot to go anywhere else!.

What a coincidence.

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I’ve been experimenting lately with new methods of advertising myself. I have a number of blogs that are highly ranked in Google for interesting search terms and I’m starting to use stories and voice recordings to market myself a bit more. I’m actually planning to write a story today and post parts of it in various places on the web.

I’d heard of craigslist starting to charge for the “erotic services” area of their website in an attempt to help crack down on prostitution and I’d previously posted there for free with no success, but I was surfing around and checked it out again.

It didn’t seem as if their efforts were doing anything to help reduce the amount of hookers openly advertising their wares, but I decided I would give it a try again anyway. I signed up for an account, validated my phone number using a text messaged verification code and paid the $5 required. The rules were still a little unclear and definitely geared toward escorts, so my ad was brief and to the point.

I got about 10 inquiries from it, but what’s funny is that the one paid call I actually garnered from the entire experiment came about not only because of my post, but because of a date I’d had back in September.

My best friend and I had posted ads in the dating area a few times before and we posted back in September. We went out a few times, the second time going to a bar and meeting up with two guys that was a disaster. One of them was an asshole, he knew we weren’t into it and abandoned our table to go hang out with some girl he knew while my friend and I sat with the other guy for a few minutes. They didn’t offer to buy our drinks or pay for any food or anything. We didn’t stay long and as we left, we told them what fuck ups we thought they were.

The guy who had kind of made an effort actually responded to my post, asking for more information. As soon as he saw my site, he realized who I was and he IM’d me. He ended up calling. How crazy of a coincidence is that?

The world’s a very small place, isn’t it?.

Keepin' it real.

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So here we go, this is the blog where I get to keep it real and actually talk about things that are going on in my life instead of jazzing/pornifying (is that even a word) things up so they fit into a phone sex chick’s blog. I haven’t been posting because honestly, not much has been going on that’s worth posting about.

I have been actively dating for the past week or so and it’s been pretty tragic. I went out to a casino and for dinner with one guy who was pretty quiet. It wasn’t bad. The conversation was ok and he paid for everything (bonus), but he was immediately insecure about how things went and then wasn’t aggressive enough when it came to pursuing me. Oh well, no big deal.

The second guy, I actually managed to go out with three times. Listen to this ridiculous chain of events. Date 1, he’s late. He doesn’t have a cell phone because he just moved blah blah so it got disconnected due to a stretch in his budget. He finally makes it to a pay phone an hour after we’re supposed to meet at a restaurant and I’m already almost home. He’s sorry, so I let him come over anyway. It was the plan for him to come out and play cards with my friends if we got along at dinner.

He gets there and right away, his dog tries to bite one of my friends. He swears up and down that the dog is usually sweet, but she’s running around my house, freaking out and barking and stuff. Then she comes back into the kitchen and poops in the middle of my kitchen floor. All the girls scream, everyone starts laughing even though it’s totally disgusting. The guy is so embarrassed and he takes the dog outside to his car.

He doesn’t stay very long after that, but the general consensus was that he was trying very hard to get everyone to like him…being funny and charming, etc. At one point, he was talking to a friend of mine so much, I suggested to both of them that maybe he’d prefer to date her. I guess maybe she thought so too because she asked about him twice the next day.

I got together with him again a few days later, a simple movie date during the daytime. We just watched a movie at my place and talked. We made out a little bit and immediately I noticed that we weren’t exactly compatible with our kissing styles. I prefer a more traditional open mouth/close mouth approach using a little bit of tongue every few kisses and he was going back and forth between sucking on my upper and lower lips. I had no idea what to do with that.

So date three, the day before Valentine’s Day. He had to work on the actual holiday, so he wanted to take me out to dinner the day before. I was fine with that. We talked on the phone regularly and that day, he emailed me and said he would head out “about 2”, which would have put him at my place around 3, factoring in Friday traffic.

At 5, he finally calls. He’s sorry, he’s on his way, blah blah. At this point, I’m totally over this guy, but my ex texted my sister that day and I knew that if I stayed home, I might do something stupid and contact him…so I told the guy to come down anyway. We had reservations at my favorite restaurant and at least I’d get to eat the food I like.

Dinner’s fine. I rode in his car for the first time. He’s not a fan of the speed limit, I notice immediately. And no, he wasn’t driving too fast…too SLOW! It was driving me nuts! His car didn’t seem to function the way it should either. He took his hand off the steering wheel for a second to grab my leg and we almost veered off into a ditch. When we get back to my place, he starts talking about how tired he is. Now, this is after he asked me during dinner how long I could hang out.

We started making out during the movie and DAMN. No good. Totally different styles. It was weird again. We gave it the ol’ college try though and it got a bit hotter this time. He was grinding all over me, breathing heavy. I actually said to him at one point, “Calm down, tiger.” Then he randomly says he has to go let his dog out cause she’s been locked up all day and leaves less than an hour into the movie. I still wasn’t convinced, but I thought maybe there could be something there worth salvaging.

At least I did until he called me last night at 10:30, obviously drunk off his ass and talking shit about how we weren’t good at kissing each other. It started like that anyway, then quickly degenerated into some bullshit about how my lip piercing got in the way and my mouth was too big for his? Too funny. I wasn’t even saying anything negative necessarily, I just let him dig himself into a hole. The end of the conversation was that I didn’t want him to call me anymore.

That makes only two men that I’ve really felt were a disaster in the make out arena in my whole life. I certainly don’t think this makes me a bad kisser at all. I guess some people just don’t mesh that way. I had never even once experienced this until just last year, with another guy who had a similar “suck, suck” type of method. When a guy is doing that to you, it’s just weird. There’s nothing for me to do but sit there and get sucked on. There’s no interaction.

It’s ok though, even though I had that twilight zone phone call later in the night, I had an amazing call on Niteflirt with a guy who might possibly be in danger of me stalking him if he were anywhere near me. Ok, I’m totally kidding, I’m really not a stalker, but I haven’t even seen a picture of this guy and I’d go out with him in a heartbeat. He’s tall, funny, bi curious, has a kid and get this, he’s single and works with finances. That last part was a joke, that doesn’t really turn me on, but it’s funny to say.

He’s generous too and I love talking to him. Hopefully he sees this and starts calling me every day so I don’t have to go psycho on him and start crying. Again, just kidding, it’s a bit of an inside joke.

I’ve been home all day today. I opted to work out at home and I’m about to take a quick shower and maybe go rent a movie to watch later with the kids. There’s no school for them tomorrow.

Ok, I think this post has been sufficiently random. Call me up and let’s see what kind of trouble we can get into..