First post!

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Welcome to my blog! It’s exciting to start a new one. I blog regularly already, but this one should be fun. I get to be myself and post things that actually happen without the need to twist and spice them up in a way that makes them appropriate to my “character”. I guess we’ll see how appealing that is to the readers/callers.

I know that peeking out from behind the curtain or saying anything that causes callers to lose their ability to suspend their disbelief is generally frowned upon in this industry, but these are tough times. There are those of you who appreciate honesty, who already know what this is all about and who want to really get to know someone without the polish that normally comes with a phone sex operator pretending to be someone they’re not.

Right now, in this economy, I feel like I need to cover all of my bases. I honestly don’t believe it’s much of a secret anymore that a lot of women don’t use their real pictures or personalities and I think that those who want to continue to live in the fantasy will. My site won’t dissuade them.

I’m still going through this site and adding content. I figure it will take me another couple of weeks to actually get everything in that I want to. I’ll probably end up just putting something in every section and then going back to refine it later.

I’ve started signing in to Niteflirt on this account though, so we’ll see what happens. I’m very pleased with the site design, mad props to Devilish Media for the graphics.

Like a lot of people, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight. I’ve been doing pretty well so far and today is my “free day”, so other than going out on a quest for food that’s horrible for me and will make me feel like shit, I plan to be around and taking calls all day.

Btw, I’m very much a foodie and will probably be posting about that frequently. I’ve had some great conversations with callers about food, so feel free to bring it up if you’re an enthusiast as well!

Are you ready for something new? IM me if you have questions or just call. .