potential for serious fun coming up!

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I’ve mentioned Kevin in this blog before, he’s a favorite caller of mine. He’s going to be in Washington sometime in the near future and I’m seriously thinking about hooking up with him.

I posted an ad last night on Craig’s List, looking for another guy to help us make our fantasy come true. What is it? Well, I want to watch him sucking dick an getting fucked in front of me, of course. It’s the only unfulfilled sexual fantasy I have left. I’d LOVE for him to make it come true for me.

We’ve gotten quite a few responses already. How exciting!.

Blackmail, giant tributes…I amaze myself!

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What an amazing whirlwind the summer has been so far. I never expected so many exciting things to happen to me or to be so busy over the past couple of months, but I’m glad I have been.

I got the single largest tribute I’ve ever received from one guy in one day last month. After all of the years of domination and financial domination, all the years of being spoiled by GFE callers, all the times I’ve raped wallets and blackmailed money out of people, I never would have predicted that I’d manage this feat as MYSELF.

That’s right. It wasn’t some cowering slave, crapping his pants over a threat that I’d call his wife or a lonely, besotted guy with hopes of becoming my real time boyfriend who lined my pockets with a couple grand at once. Nope. It was a guy who has called me for awhile and just says that he appreciates my contribution to his life. I’m the one he can talk to about all of his fantasies.

It started out innocently enough. I’ve owned this house I live in for about 6 or 7 years and the kitchen is original. I think it was built in 1969 (appropriate year, huh?). I had a downdraft Jenn-Air cooktop that only had three working burners and a smaller than average sized wall oven. That oven was the bane of my existence. I had to cook my Thanksgiving turkey in a counter top roasting oven because a roasting pan wouldn’t fit in it! I could only bake 12 cookies at a time on tiny baking sheets. It was hell.

I mentioned to him that I was saving up Amazon gift cards so I could buy a new stove and just as simple as that, he said he’d give me the money for it. $2,000. A few weeks later, he did. I’d honestly never before felt a rush like I did when I saw that in my email.

In the meantime, I’d unleashed a hellish blackmail game on one of my accounts and was seriously raking in A TON of cash and gift cards. I’d dabbled in blackmail here and there before, but this game was unprecedented for me. I had so many guys playing and paying, I honestly couldn’t even keep track. It was fun and exciting and invigorating. I felt powerful.

Because of this game, even without the $2,000 tribute, I would have had a record month. So I combined about $3,000 in gift cards and the cash and bought not only a stove, but a refrigerator, dish washer and over-the-range microwave as well as granite tiles for my countertops and paint for the cabinets. I got top of the line Kitchen Aid appliances.

I managed an entire kitchen remodel from slave tributes in a month.

I still can’t even believe that I can say that, but I can. My kitchen is mid remodel now, the cabinets are almost done, the stove is in place. The other appliances are sitting in my garage, waiting for my uncle to come put them in. I’m giving him my old appliances in exchange for his labor installing the new ones and doing the granite counters. He’s a contractor by trade, luckily.

During this entire process, I kept telling myself to post a blog entry. I mean, this is MY account. It’s supposed to be where I really get to brag about my accomplishments and show the world and the industry who I really am and what I’m capable of.

For some reason, I just kept putting it off. I know I toot my own horn on this site, even arrogantly claiming on my Niteflirt listings to be the best phone sex operator in the world. I always believed that, but I do even more so after last month. I was in the zone, untouchable, powerful, smart, cunning, greedy and all woman.

I know what’s possible now and I’m gonna go after it.

It was also an exciting month because I had a database programmed that I can use to keep track of all of my paid mail sales and calls. Niteflirt’s system is woefully inadequate when it comes to tracking customers, so I went out of their system. I paid $400, but so far, it’s been worth every penny.

Previously, I could only categorize each customer as ONE category. Can you see how limiting that would have been for email and sales purposes?

I was talking one day to a slave and he suggested that I try to price out each customer and see what they’d be willing to pay for things. I regularly sent out tasks, games, pictures, etc. at $5 or $10 and they sold well. He suggested I send one out at $25 and see what happened.

I sold a LOT. I sold almost as many as I would have if it had been $10. Then I got to thinking…how can I access those guys who would have bought it it if had been $10 without letting the other guys know that they were eventually offered a discount?

And my database was born. Now I can see every caller, what they purchased and when. How many times each item sold and who bought it. I can take a list of callers and include or exclude them by virtue of what they’ve purchased in the past and what they paid for it.

I sent out that $25 item to all the guys who didn’t buy it originally for half price and sold another $100 worth of it. So instead of making $210 by selling 30 or so of them at $10 each (these are for the first week or so that something is out), I made $300 in round 1 and $100 in round 2, effectively doubling my income for one item.

For future sales, I can tailor emails to guys who are known to buy certain types of items. I can entice guys to come back to me who haven’t purchased in awhile (Niteflirt only shows date of last contact, which includes emails SENT to callers…not date of last purchase) and reward guys who are loyal.

I couldn’t be happier with my decision to have that programmed. Now here’s my dilemma. I know that any other flirt who does a good amount of business in pay to view emails would be interested in this program if they knew what was good for them. Do I keep it all to myself or do I try to make a profit from it by selling it to other flirts?

Would their ability to more effectively market to their customers affect whether or not I appear to be ahead of the game, so to speak? Or would the % of women who purchase it and then go on to use it to the best of their ability be so small that it wouldn’t matter? I can’t quite decide.

What’s funny to me is that a couple of the flirts I’ve spoken to about it haven’t appeared to be interested. I can’t quite understand how they fail to see the massive benefits to having access to this information.

Anyway, I’ll wrap this up…lately I’ve been having a lot of great conversations about cuckolding. My “fantasy/kinky wives” listing has a good score right now, so I’ve been featuring it heavily and getting a good call volume on it. This has inspired me to create a quiz that callers can take to see whether or not they’d be my ideal cuckold.

It was fun to craft it and will be even more fun to see the results. If you’ve ever wanted to be a cuckold or you’re just curious about what *I* would seek in the cuckold relationship of my dreams, you should check it out. It’s only $10.


Keepin' it real.

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So here we go, this is the blog where I get to keep it real and actually talk about things that are going on in my life instead of jazzing/pornifying (is that even a word) things up so they fit into a phone sex chick’s blog. I haven’t been posting because honestly, not much has been going on that’s worth posting about.

I have been actively dating for the past week or so and it’s been pretty tragic. I went out to a casino and for dinner with one guy who was pretty quiet. It wasn’t bad. The conversation was ok and he paid for everything (bonus), but he was immediately insecure about how things went and then wasn’t aggressive enough when it came to pursuing me. Oh well, no big deal.

The second guy, I actually managed to go out with three times. Listen to this ridiculous chain of events. Date 1, he’s late. He doesn’t have a cell phone because he just moved blah blah so it got disconnected due to a stretch in his budget. He finally makes it to a pay phone an hour after we’re supposed to meet at a restaurant and I’m already almost home. He’s sorry, so I let him come over anyway. It was the plan for him to come out and play cards with my friends if we got along at dinner.

He gets there and right away, his dog tries to bite one of my friends. He swears up and down that the dog is usually sweet, but she’s running around my house, freaking out and barking and stuff. Then she comes back into the kitchen and poops in the middle of my kitchen floor. All the girls scream, everyone starts laughing even though it’s totally disgusting. The guy is so embarrassed and he takes the dog outside to his car.

He doesn’t stay very long after that, but the general consensus was that he was trying very hard to get everyone to like him…being funny and charming, etc. At one point, he was talking to a friend of mine so much, I suggested to both of them that maybe he’d prefer to date her. I guess maybe she thought so too because she asked about him twice the next day.

I got together with him again a few days later, a simple movie date during the daytime. We just watched a movie at my place and talked. We made out a little bit and immediately I noticed that we weren’t exactly compatible with our kissing styles. I prefer a more traditional open mouth/close mouth approach using a little bit of tongue every few kisses and he was going back and forth between sucking on my upper and lower lips. I had no idea what to do with that.

So date three, the day before Valentine’s Day. He had to work on the actual holiday, so he wanted to take me out to dinner the day before. I was fine with that. We talked on the phone regularly and that day, he emailed me and said he would head out “about 2”, which would have put him at my place around 3, factoring in Friday traffic.

At 5, he finally calls. He’s sorry, he’s on his way, blah blah. At this point, I’m totally over this guy, but my ex texted my sister that day and I knew that if I stayed home, I might do something stupid and contact him…so I told the guy to come down anyway. We had reservations at my favorite restaurant and at least I’d get to eat the food I like.

Dinner’s fine. I rode in his car for the first time. He’s not a fan of the speed limit, I notice immediately. And no, he wasn’t driving too fast…too SLOW! It was driving me nuts! His car didn’t seem to function the way it should either. He took his hand off the steering wheel for a second to grab my leg and we almost veered off into a ditch. When we get back to my place, he starts talking about how tired he is. Now, this is after he asked me during dinner how long I could hang out.

We started making out during the movie and DAMN. No good. Totally different styles. It was weird again. We gave it the ol’ college try though and it got a bit hotter this time. He was grinding all over me, breathing heavy. I actually said to him at one point, “Calm down, tiger.” Then he randomly says he has to go let his dog out cause she’s been locked up all day and leaves less than an hour into the movie. I still wasn’t convinced, but I thought maybe there could be something there worth salvaging.

At least I did until he called me last night at 10:30, obviously drunk off his ass and talking shit about how we weren’t good at kissing each other. It started like that anyway, then quickly degenerated into some bullshit about how my lip piercing got in the way and my mouth was too big for his? Too funny. I wasn’t even saying anything negative necessarily, I just let him dig himself into a hole. The end of the conversation was that I didn’t want him to call me anymore.

That makes only two men that I’ve really felt were a disaster in the make out arena in my whole life. I certainly don’t think this makes me a bad kisser at all. I guess some people just don’t mesh that way. I had never even once experienced this until just last year, with another guy who had a similar “suck, suck” type of method. When a guy is doing that to you, it’s just weird. There’s nothing for me to do but sit there and get sucked on. There’s no interaction.

It’s ok though, even though I had that twilight zone phone call later in the night, I had an amazing call on Niteflirt with a guy who might possibly be in danger of me stalking him if he were anywhere near me. Ok, I’m totally kidding, I’m really not a stalker, but I haven’t even seen a picture of this guy and I’d go out with him in a heartbeat. He’s tall, funny, bi curious, has a kid and get this, he’s single and works with finances. That last part was a joke, that doesn’t really turn me on, but it’s funny to say.

He’s generous too and I love talking to him. Hopefully he sees this and starts calling me every day so I don’t have to go psycho on him and start crying. Again, just kidding, it’s a bit of an inside joke.

I’ve been home all day today. I opted to work out at home and I’m about to take a quick shower and maybe go rent a movie to watch later with the kids. There’s no school for them tomorrow.

Ok, I think this post has been sufficiently random. Call me up and let’s see what kind of trouble we can get into..