I'm gettin' old…

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No, not really…just kidding. I’m not old. But I did turn 33 last week, so Happy Birthday to me! I had an absolutely fabulous birthday, too.

I pampered myself. I got a new dress, a cut and color at my favorite salon and my nails done. Then I went out to dinner with 12 of my best friends in the world and to a comedy show. Since food and comedy are two of my favorite things, that right there makes that a stellar night, in my opinion….but it was even better because we went up to Seattle and ate at a nice place I’d never been to before. We got all dressed up and had a great time.

I wish I’d stopped to think for a minute and get a good picture of myself by myself to post here, but I didn’t. I was too busy having fun.

Special thanks to Kevin, who spoiled me on my birthday. Would it be weird for me to say that I love you? lol But I do…and miss you too.

I don’t really have much else to talk about. Lame, right? I saw “Hot Tub Time Machine” last night and it was super hilarious. GREAT stoner movie. I watched “Pandorum” too, on DVD. A futuristic sci-fi thriller, it was unexpectedly riveting.

I’ve been really horny lately and my vibe batteries are charging now. Wanna call and make me cum?.

Oopsie. My bad. New year, new habits!

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Alright, it’s a new year so I’m jumping right back into this blog and project like I never dropped it. I’ve still been taking calls on Niteflirt as myself and stuff, of course, but I haven’t done anything new with this in awhile. No new pics, no new listings or listing designs, obviously no blog entries…SORRY.

But I’m back. It’s a new year and I’m saying goodbye to 2009, one of the worst years of my life. Right now I only have a couple of minutes because one of my models is on her way over to do a custom photo shoot for a few of that character’s callers. I’ve gotta shoot her in some special panties and some new sneakers. Fun stuff!

Then later, one of my friends is taking me to pick up my car and then we’re gonna make some lumpia. It broke down on New Year’s Eve when I was driving back home from a couple of days with a friend down in Portland. Yep, broke down like 1.5 away from my house. It cost me $300 to have it towed home, another $100 to have it towed to the shop when it opened back up after New Year’s and then $225 to have it fixed. UGH.

I think I’m gonna go see “Sherlock Holmes” today too. I’ve heard really good things about it from everyone I know who’s seen it. I already saw “Avatar”. LOVED IT!

I should be on after that though, hope some of you feel like playing…I need to catch up since I had an unexpected car repair RIGHT after Christmas!.

Winter Wonderland!

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I stayed up pretty late last night and though I saw predictions of snow on the news, I didn’t pay much attention to it. When I woke up this morning, we had about half an inch and it’s been snowing on and off all day. We’re working on at least an inch as of right now.

I got up and headed straight to the gym for a hard work out. I always take Saturdays off from the gym and from eating healthy, so I like to work out a little bit extra on Sundays. Lately there have been a lot of people there at all times of the day. The gym I go to has only been open for about six months and I guess all the New Year’s resolution people are filling it up now. I’m sure it will settle down in a few weeks.

Until then though, it sure is nice to have so much eye candy to appreciate during my work out. Speaking of eye candy, I went to see “Inkheart” yesterday with the kids and and my oh my, if Paul Bettany didn’t look spectacularly yummy in that movie for some reason! He’s been in quite a few movies, but he’s one of those actors (at least for me), that you don’t know by name but who is familiar to you.

I felt very naughty sitting there lusting after him while I was watching the movie. There’s a scene where he’s spinning fire and he’s naked from the waist up. I could have easily….ooh, ok, that’s a plan. I am going to rent that movie when it comes out on DVD and masturbate to it.

I’ll be here all day, signing off briefly to cook dinner later as I’m on duty while my sister and brother in law go out for dinner. It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten any though, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be on point for any calls that come my way. Care to try me out? 🙂 .