Back in the saddle again…

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So much has been happening lately, it’s crazy. I’ve come out of the slightly depressed funk I’d been feeling for a few months and I’m back in it to win it now.

I’ve been having some really great calls lately. So thank you to those of you who are calling. I get a lot fewer calls on this account than I wish I did, but at least the calls I do get are really worth getting. The callers are intelligent, funny, interesting and respectful and I really appreciate the type of client that this account draws.

I got my first paying gig as a photographer!! I’ve gone shopping a few times in the past week to style the shoot and I’m really excited about it, but the model was supposed to post yesterday and she didn’t show up. So I’m looking for a new one now.

I’m doing another shoot on tonight with my own model…the first time I’ve done a shoot in an actual professional studio. I’m super stoked about this one too. Having a new photographer should give things a little boost since the pics will be a bit different and this guy is gonna teach me some stuff about studio lighting and photo editing too.

I’m gonna go in and do a shoot in the studio myself too soon, in preparation for a new project I’m putting together. I think it’s gonna be pretty spectacular and cause a lot of commotion, but I’m gonna do it anyway.

So keep a look out! 🙂

And in the meantime, give me a call! I’m awesome on the phone and I can always use some more great clients.


Anyone curious as to what color my eyes are?

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Wow, yesterday was insane. I was running a thousand miles a minute all day long until I went to a birthday dinner last night. I was so exhausted, I decided to bust out my camera and see how insanely red my eyes were. Oddly enough, the pictures didn’t show how red my eyes were and I happened to capture their real color pretty well. It’s hard to get a good picture of someone’s real eye color! So here ya go!

original image

original image



close up

close up


Proud moment!

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One of my best traits is that I can recognize my own strengths and weaknesses. It’s not that I can necessarily avoid my weaknesses, but at least I’m aware of them. One of my main ones, at least when it comes to doing my job, is graphic design.

I’m a pretty creative person, but when it comes to graphics, I not only lack any type of training (formal or informal), I just generally suck at everything I attempt.

My newest site is DONE though and I’m SO EXCITED about it. I love playing new characters, exposing myself to new callers, creating a back story and a personality behind the character. I used a new designer for this project too and am not only 100% satisfied with her work ethic, I absolutely love her design style. I usually have a lot of changes I want to make to a design when I first see it, but I loved this one almost exactly how she presented it to me. It’s awesome.

That said, I want to try and do things a bit differently this time around. I’m not really worried about being recognized because of certain things I do, but I want to try and make things easier on myself as well. So instead of making galleries of pictures, I’m just going to sell them in 3 picture sets and then as a larger zip file for the entire collection per photo shoot.

I know that these pictures are amazing though, by far the best ones I’ve ever done. I don’t want them all over the internet. They aren’t nudes, so hopefully that will help a little bit, but I don’t want anyone taking them and using them on Niteflirt or Myspace or anything like that either.

What’s my point? I’ve never really watermarked a picture. I didn’t know how. I looked it up online though and not only taught myself how to make a watermark, but I created an action for it in Photoshop and then learned how to batch watermark an entire folder of images! YAY ME!!

Here’s a sample of one I did of myself. Look at my beautiful veggies? Yes, that one zucchini is blurry because it was in ACTION! lol



Anyway, hope everyone’s having a great summer. I’ll be here all day probably, working on my new site. Give me a call!.

Hey! A couple of pictures…just for you.

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So I haven’t managed to get “cam ready” and stay home long enough to actually take any cam calls, but I do feel ready! lol It’s a bit gray today and I don’t have any plans for tonight, so maybe I’ll get all cute and sign in.

I did pose for a couple of quick shots yesterday as I was headed out to dinner. Aren’t I cute? There are a couple of pics I snapped with my webcam too, just cause you guys are always asking for more pictures of me.

aren't I cute?.

Spring has sprung…with a vengeance.

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I don’t need a calendar to tell me when spring arrives. All I need to do is step outside my front door at dusk.


Yes, listen to that little clip. It’s out of control. I actually have to wear ear plugs to sleep because the frogs are so loud at this time of year that I can’t sleep without them. Why are they so loud? Well, there’s a pond on my property. I  have 2.5 acres and there’s a small pond in front of my house.

Last night, I actually had semi lucid sleep deprived thoughts of typing “frog genoicide” into Google to see what I came up with. I wondered whether there was some kind of substance I could put into the water that would just cause a mass murder of these. Yes, I know it’s mean, but people who are sleep deprived become desperate sometimes.

I know I haven’t been posting much in this blog. I had such high hopes for it, really. I had all these grand plans for this project and even though I have definitely been having some great calls, it hasn’t done what I’d hoped it would so far.

I should have known better…I know that guys want fantasy chicks for the most part, airheaded bimbos with huge tits who will tell them that all they think about is fucking and diamonds (not necessarily together). I still have hope though. Even though I’m getting a lot fewer calls than I’d hoped, the calls I am getting are of a quality that I have never experienced before.

Just that keeps me going and signing in.

In other news, I’m still working out a lot. I’ve settled into an acceptance that I’m going to be uncomfortable with soreness all the time. I’m not killing myself, but generally every day there is at least one muscle group that’s sore from a workout that happened within the last 48 hours. Today it’s my chest and back/sides. I guess that lat pull down machine actually does work.

I’m taking today off from working out though. I think if I did manage to drag myself there, I wouldn’t accomplish much. I’ve just got a general lack of energy today.

I think I’m gonna head to a local music shop today and buy a microphone stand so I can do some recordings. I’m fairly certain that I’ll get the best performance out of myself if I can lay down flat on my bed and close my eyes. A mic stand should help with that. What’s the first thing I’ll record? I think I will do one about how I fantasize about watching two men playing together.

That’s not only my personal favorite fantasy, but by far the most popular topic on my calls for this site.

Btw, if you have any ideas for pictures, let me know. I might try to accomplish a photo shoot this weekend.

Talk to you soon!.

Hello again, pervs.

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I’ve been having an unexpectedly great time on the phone with this new account. I’m honestly attracting the type of callers I’ve always wished I would get…intelligent, thoughtful, sexy, outgoing, open minded and respectful. I’ve started out very strong and my scores on Niteflirt are fantastic. I’m featuring on the front page right now for very little money and that’s always exciting.

That said, I have gotten a few guys who call up and disrespect me or hang up in my ear after I say something that’s not to their liking. I’m simply not going to stand for that this time around. Before you call, please familiarize yourself with my site and my preferences and don’t call and request something that I don’t cover or won’t handle.

If you are someone who routinely calls and talks for less than 10 minutes, please look elsewhere. Callers who spend less than 5 minutes on the phone with me will be blocked. Honestly, I have things to do and it’s not worth my time and energy to stop what I’m doing to take a 3 minute call. I’m sure you understand.

Now on to more positive things. It’s very much a thrill for me to be using my real pictures again. It’s definitely putting an interesting spin on some of the calls. I had a guy call day before yesterday who lives only about an hour from me and wanted to suck cock for me real time. Tempting.

I might attempt a more vanilla photo shoot this weekend since all of the photos I have up now are more domination themed. That should be fun.

I’ve had my first request for custom erotica as well. Ten pages of a bisexual cross dressing fantasy. It’s possible that when it’s completed, I will put it up for sale to the general public. I admit that I’ve been slacking when it comes to content to sell on this account and I need to get on that. It’s quite stupid of me not to have a ton of random cheap things for sale on my account when I have such exposure.

After attempting to finish this blog post all morning, I’m finally able to put up this final sentence and submit. I’ve been too busy talking to guys all day! That’s definitely a good thing. I’m sure I’ll talk to YOU soon..