Female ejaculation

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I can squirt. I learned how to a few years ago. Yes, I learned. A guy I hooked up with a couple of times taught me how in one mind blowing, life changing six hour sexual marathon. Isn’t it crazy how in this day and age, something like squirting is still so shrouded in mystery?

If you do a search on Google, you’ll quickly find that no one really knows anything about it. There’s no conclusive answer as to what the fluid is, where it comes from or even whether it really exists. I can of course only give my own personal account of the phenomenon and hope that it will entertain, amuse or enlighten.

I have compiled a written, audio and video account of my experience and abilities and am now proud to share it with the world! Of course, this is my living and I can’t just give it away for free, but I believe that this series of stories is worth every penny.

So what do I have to offer?

Written – a 3,000 word story about how I met my teacher and what my first time was like. .doc, .docx, .txt formats

Audio – a 14 minute mp3 of me reading the story out loud. mp3 or wav formats

Video – a 4.5 minute close up video of me masturbating and both visibly and audibly squirting. mpg, mp4 or wmv formats

Each part is $10 or you can buy all three together for $25.
Click below to purchase using Niteflirt or visit my “call” page for other payment options.

Buy all three together!

Written Story – $10

Audio Story – $10

Video – $10


Hello again, pervs.

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I’ve been having an unexpectedly great time on the phone with this new account. I’m honestly attracting the type of callers I’ve always wished I would get…intelligent, thoughtful, sexy, outgoing, open minded and respectful. I’ve started out very strong and my scores on Niteflirt are fantastic. I’m featuring on the front page right now for very little money and that’s always exciting.

That said, I have gotten a few guys who call up and disrespect me or hang up in my ear after I say something that’s not to their liking. I’m simply not going to stand for that this time around. Before you call, please familiarize yourself with my site and my preferences and don’t call and request something that I don’t cover or won’t handle.

If you are someone who routinely calls and talks for less than 10 minutes, please look elsewhere. Callers who spend less than 5 minutes on the phone with me will be blocked. Honestly, I have things to do and it’s not worth my time and energy to stop what I’m doing to take a 3 minute call. I’m sure you understand.

Now on to more positive things. It’s very much a thrill for me to be using my real pictures again. It’s definitely putting an interesting spin on some of the calls. I had a guy call day before yesterday who lives only about an hour from me and wanted to suck cock for me real time. Tempting.

I might attempt a more vanilla photo shoot this weekend since all of the photos I have up now are more domination themed. That should be fun.

I’ve had my first request for custom erotica as well. Ten pages of a bisexual cross dressing fantasy. It’s possible that when it’s completed, I will put it up for sale to the general public. I admit that I’ve been slacking when it comes to content to sell on this account and I need to get on that. It’s quite stupid of me not to have a ton of random cheap things for sale on my account when I have such exposure.

After attempting to finish this blog post all morning, I’m finally able to put up this final sentence and submit. I’ve been too busy talking to guys all day! That’s definitely a good thing. I’m sure I’ll talk to YOU soon..