1. How can I call you?

Click “call” in the menu above and follow the directions. I use Niteflirt to process all of my calls. They’ve been around almost 15 years and are easy to use, completely anonymous and reliable. Vanilla calls are $1.99/min. I charge $2.99/min. for domination.

2. How long have you been doing this?

I’ve been a phone sex operator for almost 15 years. It started out just as a way to make extra money, but within 6 months, I’d quit my regular day job and started doing calls full time. I’ve taken a few breaks over the years, but this has been my main occupation since the day I started.

3. Can I buy you a gift off of your wish list?

Sorry, I don’t do wish lists. Guys tend to buy only sex related things and when I shop, I want to buy what I want to buy when I want to buy it…I don’t like picking things out and then waiting however long for someone to come along and buy it.

If you have something specific you want to buy me, just send a gift card for that amount and I’ll buy it. Promise. I’ll even show proof if you’re suspicious.

4. Are you single?

Not at the moment, no. I’ve been with my boyfriend for about 3 years now and we live together. We do calls together often, so if you’re interested in that, contact me. We charge $2.50/min. for those calls.

5. What’s your schedule?

I don’t really maintain a schedule. I’m usually available day time during week days and some evenings, it just depends on my plans for the day. If you know ahead of time that you’ll want to do a call during the evening on a certain day, just email me at least 24 hours in advance and I’ll let you know whether I can do it.

Have other questions? Hopefully you’ve already read through some of the other pages on my site. If your question wasn’t addressed, email me and I’ll put it up on the FAQ!.